Good News/Bad News

The good news is: I got a job. I now have a part-time job at The Disney Store in a nearby mall. I was looking for something to fill in my time before I go back to college (hopefully) in the fall.

The bad news: That means I will have less time for knitting!

On the knitting front: I have put my Kyoto from Knitty.com aside for now. I wasn't happy with how the double see stitch called for in the pattern looked done in the yarn I'm using (Endless Summer Collection Sonata). The sash, collar and about 1.5 inches of the sleeve are supposed to be done in it so now I just have to find an alternative. I tried straight garter stitch, but that didn't look very good either. SO, I have started a new project while I decide. A friend's little girl has a birthday on April 16th and I'm making a poncho from Lion Brand ( ). I am using the yarn called for in the pattern, which I picked up at Joann's today. The strange thing is that the yarn is on sale online at Joann's but not in their stores. I thought that was a little odd. But anyway, I picked the colorway Sorbet and then the fun fur trim is going to be done in a neutral color (champagne) to balance it out a bit. I have to finish it before the 16th, which I don't think will be a problem.

I also wanted to post a picture of this really pretty yarn I got from Ebay a few weeks back. It is so pretty and SOFT. It is a microfiber and polyamide blend. The picture is a bit blurry, but the colors are beautiful. I don't know what I'm going to make with it, but will probably knit it up double-stranded with another yarn in the pink color family. I might make a cute little scarf, although it is supposed to be warming up here now. It is getting cold in Australia though so maybe I could send it to my mum for Mother's Day.

A bit blurry, but this yarn is very pretty.

I also got the Spring/Summer Vogue Knitting International. As usual there are many things I want to make. It will have to wait though since I have so many other things I want to do.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com



I finally figured out how to put photos on my blog. Well I knew I had to get the Hello Bloggerbot thing, but I was going to wait and have my husband do it. Since that would take a while I decided just to do it myself. So here are some photos. Below is a holder I made for my knitting needles.

I decided to try and save some money and make my own holder for my knitting needles - especially since they bred like rabbits (the needles that is).

Here is what it looks like closed:

This is what it looks like closed.

So that is it for now. I have some other photos I want to post, but will do those tomorrow or the next day.


Happy Easter!

I hope all the knitters out there had a great Easter. We spent Easter Sunday with some friends this weekend so I didn't get any knitting done, but I had a great time. I hadn't seen these friends for a long time and it was nice to see them again - especially because we're living a lot closer now and I can see them quite often.

I have made some progress on my Kyoto sweater from Knitty.com. I have finished the back and one of the front sides, and am working on the other front side right now. The pattern says to start with the sash but I didn't have the right size circular needles to get my gauge so I started with the other pieces.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Easter and got some knitting done.


Long time...no post!

Well I did type of this blog and it got lost, so I have to do it all over again.

The weekend was pretty slow for knitting. We had two really late nights on Friday & Saturday, so Sunday I was going to relax. Instead I did housework! I did do something knitting related on Friday though - I pulled out what I had of my clapotis. I ended up losing a stitch somewhere after finishing round three of section II. So, since it was really just a practice one I decided to start over. But I think I will just go ahead and make it with some of the yummy yarn I bought off Ebay. The yarn I was using was just some Red Heart I had lying around and I didn't like the feel of it. It was too rough for me. So I think I will sit down this afternoon and get started on it again.

Obviously I still have no photos up. I have to get the flash card reader from a friend. Once I have that we should be a go for getting a load of photos up.

I got a box full of yarn from Elann on Saturday. I bought 8 balls each of Fresh Pesto (green) and Orchid Pink, plus 2 balls of Light Turqoise of Endless Summer Collection Sonata. I also got 2 balls of Tahki Cotton Colori. These are in neutral browns/cream. I am going to make a couple of Kyoto sweaters from Knitty (http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter03/PATTkyoto.html). I really love this sweater - it is unusual. So I just have to figure out my gauge because the Sonata has more stitches to an inch than the yarn used in the pattern, and the Tahki has less stitches to the inch. I have probably made more work for myself, but I will figure it out. I plan on using the Tahki for the sash with the pink, and then use the turqoise and green together (blue for the sash).

Well I am going to get some knitting done today...here are the projects I have in the works or want to get started on.

* Clapotis: Have to restart, but will get a bit going today.
* Kyoto: Have yarn, just need to gauge and then get started.
* Turtleneck (from FCEK): Have the yarn so I just need to get going. I'm making this for my mum for Mother's Day - I'd better get going with it.
* Baby Sweater: Have blocked it and need to put it together and finish neck.
* Bernat Softee Chunky Sweater: Finished front and back. Now I've got to do sleeves and neck.


Project Update

I feel like I've done quite a bit of knitting over the last couple of days. The sweater for my niece (see last post) is coming along. I've finished the front and just have to do the neckline and sleeves. This pattern calls for the sleeves to be knit from picked up stitches from front and back. I hope I can pull it off! I finished blocking the sweater pieces for my other niece and just have to brave putting it together.

I even re-started my clapotis this afternoon and am onto my second repeat of rows 1-12 of section two. I was a little worried about the little holes from the yarn overs, but after reading a thread on a Knitty.com I feel much better since someone explained that it will work out in the end.

I thought I would be able to get some photos up on the page today, but things don't seem to be working in my favor. After putting the software on my computer so I could upload my photos, I discovered that my mini USB cord to connect my camera to the computer is MIA!!!!!!!!! I thought I had it in my camera bag with the rest of my stuff, which we carried in the car for our move from FL to VA. But either I'm going senile or it got packed, and since our packers were a little trippy with their packing (linens in the with my husband's computer equipment), I'm not likely to find it any time soon. So I'm just going to buy a new one. I'm heading into town tomorrow probably to see if Circuit City or Best Buy have one. I really want to get photos up so this blog isn't just a chunk of writing.


Working up a Sweat-er!

I am working on a sweater for one of my nieces. It is made from Bernat's Softee Chunky, which is wonderfully soft. It also works up pretty quickly. I've made the back and am about half way through the front. You can find the pattern at http://www.bernat.com/pattern.php?PID=1051, but you have to be a member to view it (free membership). Here is a photo:

The front...almost done.

I got the yarn for this sweater at Wal-Mart for between $2-3 for a 100g ball. It could have even been less than that. It was a spur of the moment purchase - I was there buying other stuff not even knitting related! I guess that is the power of knitting!!

Once I get the software on my computer and figure out a little bit more how to do this blogging stuff I will post some pictures.


Clapotis Crazy

I have been reading about and looking at the clapoti of other knitters wondering if I could really follow that complicated-looking pattern on Knitty.com (http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall04/PATTclapotis.html). So I have decided to dive right in and give it a try. I'm going to get started later this evening with some yarn I picked up a while ago. It's just some Red Heart, but it's a color pattern that I like, and it won't break the bank if I ruin the project. I think I'm going to double-strand it though because I want this to be a cold weather clapotis.

I also bought some yarn on Ebay that will be used for another clapotis if my first attempt works out. It's a sparkly boucle in gold cream. When I get it in my mingy little hands, I will take a photo and post it here. I still have to get my software on my new computer before I can upload the photos I have taken so far.

Anyway, that wasn't the only yarn I've bought on Ebay lately. I also bought (from the same buyer) some fluffy peach mohair blend and something called Sunset, which is a specialty blend yarn that is so beautiful. From a different seller I bought an 8 oz skein of space dyed yarn in a color called Mardi Gras, and it is also really beautiful. It's a blend of pinks, purples and orange. The specialty blend yarn, Sunset, is about the same color scheme too. It's one of my favorites. So I went a little crazy and the bank acct is going to be a bit lighter, but oh well. I couldn't resist the urge!


Partial for Ponchos

I want to knit a poncho. I remember having a poncho when I was growing up. My Nanna made it for me and I wore it all the time. It is strange to see them coming back in fashion again. I don't do something because it fits a fad though (hey, I'm still wearing my Ugg Boots!)

I had chosen a pattern, Lion Brand's Split-Collar Poncho (http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/knit-splitCollarPoncho.html) and was going to knit it in Homespun. I bought my yarn at a local craft store and came home all excited to get started. I was hoping to have this poncho done by early April in time for my trip to Montreal, Canada, but there was a glitch. I don't like the yarn. I wasted no time getting started on the project, but I just didn't like knitting with Homespun. It was way too difficult to M1 as the pattern frequently calls for and it kinked up too. So I'm on a mission to find the perfect yarn. I actually have a poncho pattern in Vogue Accessories that I prefer, but I have to substitute the yarn because that pattern calls for Stacy Charles Tahki Dazzle in Orange. I love the color, but don't want the expense.

So for now I'm going to try some internet yarn shopping and see what I can find. With some positive thinking I may be able to get the poncho done before my trip, but I'm not going to rush through it.


Yeah! for Cable Internet

We finally got cable internet. So many problems with Verizon forced us to skip their DSL service (first they said we could get it, then two minutes later we couldn't etc) and go for cable internet. The reason we balked at cable internet was the price, but right now, it is SO worth it. Now that we have it I can put up photos and make this blog interesting.

And in knitting news...one of the first things I've done online is scan Ebay for yarn. I have placed some bids and have my fingers crossed. Some of this yarn is so beautiful.

As for my knitting projects...I'm working on a scarf in Lion Brand Wool-Ease (Copper 190) for a friend of mine. He recently moved to Montreal so he definitely needs a nice warm scarf. I am using a pattern I found at About.com (http://knitting.about.com/library/nscarf.htm) and have just started on my third ball of yarn. I am going to make it longer than normal because he is a tall guy (over 6 feet) so I don't want it to look funny and too short. I'm using my husband, also over 6 feet, to determine the right length. Well...I should say that I intend to use my husband to get the right length. I have to convince him (not a scarf wearer) to throw it around his neck. No big feat for most people right? I can imagine some readers saing "huh, why wouldn't he do that?" He will, but he will ask a hundred questions first. It's just his way.

I had better get back to Ebay before I miss some good yarn.


Brief Intro

Well...hello everyone. This is my very first blog, and after seeing so many other great knitting blogs, I thought I would give it a try.

A little about me. I'm Australian,married and live in the U.S. I've been away from the island for a almost 5 years now, and have only returned once for a visit. As much as I would love to go home all the time, it is way too expensive and such a long journey. And in this day and age of heightened security (I have no problem with this by the way) I doubt I would be able to get my knitting on the plane. But imagine, all that time to knit and create - wouldn't that be great?

I like to do a lot of things: read, watch t.v., knit, scrapbook and spend time with friends and family. I seem to go through phases with my crafts - knitting being my #1 craft at the moment. I seriously doubt, after getting back into it after learning the basics as a child, that it will move from that spot anytime soon.

Hopefully I will be able to post a picture soon. We recently moved so all we have is dial-up for now. The cable internet is coming soon so I will post photos then. Until then...catch you later.