Yeah! for Cable Internet

We finally got cable internet. So many problems with Verizon forced us to skip their DSL service (first they said we could get it, then two minutes later we couldn't etc) and go for cable internet. The reason we balked at cable internet was the price, but right now, it is SO worth it. Now that we have it I can put up photos and make this blog interesting.

And in knitting news...one of the first things I've done online is scan Ebay for yarn. I have placed some bids and have my fingers crossed. Some of this yarn is so beautiful.

As for my knitting projects...I'm working on a scarf in Lion Brand Wool-Ease (Copper 190) for a friend of mine. He recently moved to Montreal so he definitely needs a nice warm scarf. I am using a pattern I found at About.com (http://knitting.about.com/library/nscarf.htm) and have just started on my third ball of yarn. I am going to make it longer than normal because he is a tall guy (over 6 feet) so I don't want it to look funny and too short. I'm using my husband, also over 6 feet, to determine the right length. Well...I should say that I intend to use my husband to get the right length. I have to convince him (not a scarf wearer) to throw it around his neck. No big feat for most people right? I can imagine some readers saing "huh, why wouldn't he do that?" He will, but he will ask a hundred questions first. It's just his way.

I had better get back to Ebay before I miss some good yarn.

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