April Fools

I survived April Fools Day without incident. I'm guessing this is because I live too far away from the many joksters in my family.

I got back on track with my Kyoto sweater from Knitty.com last night. I finally decided on regular seed stitch for the sleeve edging, collar and sash. Although I figure it's going to be tedious doing the sash because of the amount of stitchs (about 180, I think). But I'm just glad to be happy with it. I also did the seed stitching on the sleeve in the same color I'm using for the sash. I will post a picture soon.

As for the poncho I mentioned in my last post - I've finished one of the rectangular panels. And I've decided this yarn (Lion Brand boucle) is a bugger to knit with. I am, however, sticking with it because this is a birthday present for someone.

I've spent a lot of time sleeping the last few days. I've caught a bit of a cold from my darling hubby and I guess my body is fighting it hard because man, have I been tired. And when I'm sick I have weird eating habits. For dinner I had pancakes. YES, pancakes! I eat my pancakes (usually, although I have been known to eat them with syrup) with lemon juice and sugar on top. It's a nice combination of sweet and sour.

Anyway, I'm off to do some more knitting before I have to curl up in bed again.

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