Here's the story: I went to a local Walmart on the way to work yesterday to get the newest Interweave Knits mag. Now, I know not all Walmart's have bad service etc, actually I love Walmart. When I lived in Florida I did a lot of my shopping at the local Super Walmart. BUT THIS Walmart I went to was, and has been before, bad. Again, I was on my way to work and had a little time to spare, not 10-20 minutes though.

It seems that every time I go in there they only have 3-4 registers open and the lines are crazy. So they tell people with only a few items (that would be me yesterday; my IK and a Mother's Day card) to go to the Customer Service desk. I go over there and there are 3 workers, a line of about 3 people. I think "no problem," I'll be out of here in no time. I was very wrong! Two of the workers are working on ONE customer. The other worker walks away and leaves.

So, getting frustrated, I decide to leave. I just drop my stuff down and walk out. No IK for now. I was going to hit AC Moore where I know they have it, but time was limited. I only had time to get to Michaels (which had the old IK, but not the new one) to get my yarn for my Shrug-A-Long.

I think next time I'm in that Walmart, I'm going to look for the suggestion box. Yeah, maybe they don't care and won't bother to read the comments, but it makes me feel like I've at least done something other than complaining.

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