Kyoto Comeback

I've picked up the needles for my Kyoto sweater again. I'm working on the collar right now, which should be done sometime tomorrow hopefully. Then, if I can swing it between my work schedule this weekend, I'm going to work on the sash. And then I just have to put it back together.

I finally got my Last-Minute Knitted Gifts from Crafters Choice. I picked it as one of my intro books, but it didn't ship with the others and I was beginning to get worried that it wasn't going to make an appearance. I've flipped through it a couple of times, and as usual, I want to make a couple of the things. I'm going to make the Purl Scarf (page 80) for a friend of mine for her birthday in Sept. I know that's a long way off, but I'm hoping that if I start early I will get it done on time. School will start back up for me at the end of August so I don't want to leave it to the last minute and then be swamped with other stuff. I think I'm going to go with the colors they've used (the red version).

On the life front, I've returned to the dentist after a long time (I won't say how long because it's embarrassing; although the main reason it's been so long is that we've lived in a couple of remote areas where acess was limited) and I need a lot of work done. I've been twice this week and will go back in early June. I don't really have a dentist phobia, but I have highly sensitive teeth and hated the cleaning they gave me today - and it wasn't even the full cleaning. Anyway...enough about my teeth. Maybe if I get braces I will post a pic.

In other news, do you think it would be wrong to do some knitting while camping? My DH and I are spending the Memorial Day weekend with friends camping at Gambrill State Park. We'll be sleeping in a tent, our friends will be in the cabin. I figured I would take a knitting project along with me.

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