I had forgotten how much working takes out of you. I only work part-time (not in a knitting store, but something fun: The Disney Store), but it's hard to juggle time now. Knitting has dropped off a little bit. I'm still working, slowly, on my shrug for the KAL.

I finally got the Summer IK yesterday - a whole week after I first tried to get it. As usual, there is plenty inside that I want to make. I really like the bath robe on page 28. I saw one that was really nice, and similar, but obviously not hand knitted, in a Victoria's Secret catalog once. I think it was cashmere and I KNOW it was very expensive. I really liked it though. The yarn called for in this pattern is Blue Sky Alpaca, which would also make this a really expensive piece to knit...so I will have to substitute.

I have to get my A into G and drive to Fredericksburg on Friday to hit up the bead store, BeadL*Jewlz. I've never been there, but I need to get some beads for my secret Bead-It stitch markers. Yeah, yeah, this is leaving it to the last minute since they have to be sent out by May 9th and I work both Sat & Sun this weekend!

Anyway, I'm off to do some knitting while watching my Wednesday ABC tv line-up.

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