Gotta love time off

UPDATE:So I mentioned the knitter with the wonderful wave skirt that inspired me to want to make one. Well I found it. Call me obsessive, but I googled and did a little digging. I think I only had to go to page three. BUT I FOUND IT. So check out this wonderful wave skirt. The knitter has a blog: Knitting Sunshine.

Apart from the fact that I don't get paid when I don't work, I love time off. I had asked for Friday and Saturday off, but somehow my boss got herself mixed up and gave me Sun-Tues off as well.

As I mentioned in my last post, I went to summer preview day at UMW on Friday. I spent Saturday at the National Zoo with friends for a little girl's birthday. I had a good time, even if it was hot. Luckily the humidity stayed down for the whole day.

On Sunday I went to Six Flags with another friend. We have season passes so this is the third time I've hit the water park and it's so much fun. Yesterday was a bit different than usual when I had to go back down the steps leading up to a slide because I felt a bit sick. It was really weird and my friend said I went really pale, but after I ate something I was fine.

The other reason I love days off from work is that I get to knit. I set myself a goal yesterday of getting up to #15 of the pattern repeats of my Midwest Moonlight - and yep, I reached my goal! So now I have ten more repeats to go.

I've also been cruising the participant sites for SP5 - not really to look for who my pal is, more just for fun. I found some really good sites and have gotten lots of inspiration. One fellow knitter had made the Wave Skirt from IK Spring 05. When I saw this pattern in the book I didn't really like the colors of the example, but this knitter did hers in a lovely blue and such. It was so pretty. But I didn't bookmark it and now I can't find it. I think I'm going to look again today. I also found a knitter who had made something interesting. Take a look at this. There is a link from that site to the original site where there is a tutorial for it. Isn't it pretty?


Midwest Moonlight

I am knitting...or I have been. I'm up to repeat 11 of 25 of my Midwest Moonlight. I finally managed to post a photo. It really is coming along nicely and I love it. I'm also planning on making another scarf from the same book - Scarf Style - for a friend's birthday. I'm thinking of using Cascade 220 but my friend might prefer something a little bit softer. Any ideas?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I've had a long day so I'm not sure if I'll keep working on my scarf. I've been at Uni of Mary Washington all day for summer preview day. I had to register for my classes etc, but man was it HOT!!! I think the heat more than the early morning rise (I was up at 6:30 am, way early for me!) has made me a little tired. It is such a pretty campus, UMW, so take a look if you like. I made sure I linked it. I will have to post a photo of me in my new t-shirt I bought today to signify my becoming a bonafide student at a four-year college.


Gimme Some Needles Exchange

This weekend is going to be busy for me so I figured I'd post this now while I have some spare time.

1. What do you like to knit or crochet? (socks, sweaters, etc.)
I don't know how to crochet, first up. I like to knit all sorts of things. I haven't tried socks yet, but I'm going to. I'm currently knitting a scarf and I just finished a shrug.

2. What fibers do you like?
Anything that is soft is always a favorite of mine.

3. What type of needles do you use most often?
Plastic or metal/aluminum. Absolutely NO wooden or bamboo needles please. I have a weird thing about that. I am overly sensitive to wooden spoons and needles etc so I avoid them. I do need a set of dpns so I can start knitting some socks.

4. Do you like to knit in the round?
I haven't knit anything in the round, but suppose I will eventually.

5. Do you use a magic loop method or any other we should know about? Are you interested in learning a new method? No.

7. Do you have a favorite place that you shop online? (knitpicks.com, knitpixie.com, jimmybeanswool.com....)? Not really. I like knitpicks.com and Elann.com. My budget really dictates where I buy from. I like good deals.

I'm working all this weekend - knitting time is going to be seriously absent. I have a party to go to tonight, but I have to get to bed early. I've got to be at work by 9 am tomorrow, but I also have to pick up my new Harry Potter book!! I got the first 5 way after they came out so I've never experienced the phenomenon that is HP when it is first released. Wish me luck! Hopefully I won't get trampled by a bunch of 10-year-olds.


SP5 and more

I've just joined another gift exchange - this one needles.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I figured I would get it in before our self-imposed budget kicks in. Luckily it shouldn't be for at least another month.

I think SP5 is going along nicely. I have my next package ready to go out. I had to wait for a couple of things to arrive. I think I'm going to browse the participants sites and see how everyone else is getting spoilt since I all ready know how I'm getting spoilt and how my pal is doing.

I had to rip out my Midwest Moonlight posted in one of my recent posts. I learnt an important lesson: no knitting after 11pm!! It seems being tired or not totally "with it" isn't the best state to be in when knitting. So here is an updated look at my scarf. I'm almost done with 4 repeats of the pattern, which calls for 25 repeats.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I think it's looking quite nice. And I'm using a dark green Peruvian wool from Elann.


My teeth & knitting

Who'd ever think that my teeth would affect my knitting? Not me, that's for sure. Well I went to my consultation appointment with my orthodontist about possibly getting braces (I'm going to get them...at 27). Unfortunately because of my age and the fact that my jaw didn't develop properly as a child, I'm going to have some surgery. First up, I have to have the sutures of my palate of my upper jaw cut so they can expand and widened my upper jaw, which is really narrow. Then they're going to have to shift my lower jaw forward and insert a plate and screws to keep it there.

What's this got to do with knitting? Money of course!! My dental coverage (Tricare) doesn't cover braces so we're going to have to fork out nearly $5000 for two years of that, plus the cost of surgery. We're going to see if we can get them to at least cover the palate thing (and by the way, I'm not sure if I'm spelling that right) because it will clear up my sinus problems big time...but we'll see.

So yep, I'm going to have to go on a yarn diet. It's not like a buy a lot of yarn (really, it's true!), but I like being about to buy it if I get the urge.


New Project

What do you do when you've finished a knitting project? Start another one of course! So that's what I did. I cast on for the Midwest Moonlight scarf from the lovely Scarf Style. This is one amazing book. I love so many of the patterns that I joined the Scarf Style KAL.

Here is a close up of my new scarf:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And here is just the first 16 rows. The pattern is these 16 rows done 25 times!! I have 24 lots to go...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The yarn is actually a dark green from Elann - Peruvian Highland Wool. This is actually the third time I've started this scarf today. I started with a different yarn, made a mistake and had to start over. The third start was with this wool and it looks much better.


Look what I got!

I got my first secret package the other day, and boy was I spoilt!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I just put it in the basket so I could take a decent pic, but my goodies were wrapped in the material at the front. I'm not sure what I'm going to make with it, but maybe a handbag or something. It's been a while since I've sat at the sewing machine for anything other than hemming pants (a constant chore since I'm short!)

I also got a back issue of Interweave Knits, probably my favorite knitting magazine right now. I got Knit Socks! by Betsy McCarthy. I've wanted to jump in to sock knitting for a while now, so now I can. NO MORE EXCUSES! Well, I do have to get some dpns, but that won't take but a minute.

Then I got some lovely yarn...Cascade 220 and some nice blue sock yarn. I can't wait to turn this into something fantastic.

So thanks SP!


Shrug Finished!

I have finally finished my IK Shrug. It now has a proud place in my new knitting gallery. The button for it is on the side, so go ahead and have a look!

IK's Ribbed Shrug

Pattern: IK's Ribbed Shrug
Yarn Used: Paton's Katrina in Dawn (as called for in the pattern)
Adjustments: I made it a little shorter than called for in the pattern. As you can see, it comes to my elbows so if I had made it 39 inches like it was supposed to be, it would have been much longer. The model in the IK picture shows it coming to her elbows so I figured it would work for me to shorten it.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Before finishing.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Front view.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Back view.



Here is what my shrug looks like after a day of intensive (working on it for more than an hour at least) knitting:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I think it's coming along nicely and is about 15-16 inches long.