Gotta love time off

UPDATE:So I mentioned the knitter with the wonderful wave skirt that inspired me to want to make one. Well I found it. Call me obsessive, but I googled and did a little digging. I think I only had to go to page three. BUT I FOUND IT. So check out this wonderful wave skirt. The knitter has a blog: Knitting Sunshine.

Apart from the fact that I don't get paid when I don't work, I love time off. I had asked for Friday and Saturday off, but somehow my boss got herself mixed up and gave me Sun-Tues off as well.

As I mentioned in my last post, I went to summer preview day at UMW on Friday. I spent Saturday at the National Zoo with friends for a little girl's birthday. I had a good time, even if it was hot. Luckily the humidity stayed down for the whole day.

On Sunday I went to Six Flags with another friend. We have season passes so this is the third time I've hit the water park and it's so much fun. Yesterday was a bit different than usual when I had to go back down the steps leading up to a slide because I felt a bit sick. It was really weird and my friend said I went really pale, but after I ate something I was fine.

The other reason I love days off from work is that I get to knit. I set myself a goal yesterday of getting up to #15 of the pattern repeats of my Midwest Moonlight - and yep, I reached my goal! So now I have ten more repeats to go.

I've also been cruising the participant sites for SP5 - not really to look for who my pal is, more just for fun. I found some really good sites and have gotten lots of inspiration. One fellow knitter had made the Wave Skirt from IK Spring 05. When I saw this pattern in the book I didn't really like the colors of the example, but this knitter did hers in a lovely blue and such. It was so pretty. But I didn't bookmark it and now I can't find it. I think I'm going to look again today. I also found a knitter who had made something interesting. Take a look at this. There is a link from that site to the original site where there is a tutorial for it. Isn't it pretty?

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