Good package day

I was about to post about how disappointed I was (even changed my Unkymood) that I couldn't make it to last night's knitting meet-up in Waldorf. I was all set to go, but then I had to work a bit later than usual and I was so tired. I swear I'm going to the next one no matter what! Anyway, I'm not disappointed anymore and this is why...I heard a familiar thump at my door, which means the mail is here. Look at what I got:

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My needle exchange pal sent me this. That's three pressies wrapped up so nicely for me!

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This is what was inside: two pairs of needles (size 7s and 8s), a set of DPNs (#2s), a cute little note pad and magnet that says "Go in the Direction of Your Dreams", and some yarn - Regia sock yarn.

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There was also a card that was a little heavy. This is what I found when I opened it - cute word magnets with a knitting theme!!!

So that was it right? Nope, I checked my actual mail box and found another package stuffed inside.

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It was the promised left over yarn from Danni of Knitting Sunshine. She made the most amazing wave skirt. I loved her skirt so much I emailed her to tell her just that, and she offered to send me what she had left from the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece she used. How nice is that? I just love knitters - they're so sweet. Anyway, now I have to get my other colors, all blues because I think that would look great, and get going.

And since this is a photo-happy blog, here is what my one skein wonder looks like. All I have to do is the sleeves and ribbing (picking up stitches, argh!) and I'm done.

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I'm using straight needles for now because I'm not very circ savvy, but to pick up the ribbing I will use circs.


knit chick said...

Such great presents from your SP! I have to ask, do you know the manfacturer of those word magnets? I think it's about time they made those!

Beck said...

Hey Knit Chick: I emailed the person who sent them to me to see if she knows the maker because there was nothing on them to say where they came from.