Casting on new projects

I'm really glad this week is over. I decided to give myself a break from homework tonight, especially since I have to buckle down over the weekend and study for the THREE exams I have next week.

I also discovered this evening that I'm a little bit weird. I like to watch Jeopardy and tonight they had a category about identifying the politician by their hair, and I can identify Donald Trump, Trent Lott, John Edwards, and Tom Delay by their foreheads. That is strange considering I'm not even American. I did identify the fifth one in the category but can't remember who it was now.

Anyway, onto knitting. I cast on tonight for the scarf I'm making for my secret Scarf Me pal. I will have a photo in a couple of days. I also started a practice project. I'm planning on making the Cashmere Crossings for a friend's little girl. Because she's obviously a child I have to adjust the pattern for size, plus I'm also going to knit the front and back separately rather than all together as the pattern calls for. So I'm just using some yarn from my stash and if all goes well I might have myself a wrap or something that I can use for myself too.

I also want to make Blackberry from Knitty. I've been looking for a yarn substitute and have found this at Elann but can't decide on a color. I'm torn between Winter Blue, Nordic Blue, or Deep Gold. What do you think? Blue is my favorite color and I'm leaning toward Winter Blue, but sometimes I try to break out of the same old thing.


Not-so-vintage scarf...done!

I don't know about you, but I love it when I finish something, especially if it's finished on time. Below are photos of the Vintage scarf from Scarf Style that I've made for my friend's birthday next week. The scarf isn't so "vintage" because I went and used a different yarn for the project.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Close-up of the cable pattern - very easy to do, my very first cable!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
If this looks a little short, don't despair - it's actually doubled over. It's over 80 inches long, per my friends request for a really long scarf. I just have to weave in the ends now.

Pattern: Vintage Velvet from Scarf Style (using different yarn).
Yarn Used: Knitpicks Palette 100% Wool(color: petal), double-stranded. I used four balls.
Date started: August 25, 2005 (just four days before I started college, probably not a good idea!)
Date finished: September 25, 2005 - four whole days before my friend's birthday.

Now I have to find another project to start. Yes, that was the only project I had on the needles so I wouldn't be tempted to stray. I do have another scarf I have to make for the Scarf Me! project, but that's not due until early November I think. I should probably get it started though. My friend's little girl (the child of the scarf friend above) has picked out probably the most complicated project in the Wrap Style book for herself. I promised to make her a wrap/poncho and voila! That's what I have. Of course, I have to resize it and use different yarn, but I'm going to do it. Her birthday is at the end of November and then there's Christmas - I figure I'll aim for one or the other as a finish date. I've been looking on Ebay for some yarn, but might just use Elann's Peruvian Highland wool.


Wrap it Up!

Guess what I got? Yep, a copy of Wrap Style! I've wanted this book for a long time, but of course, it only recently came out. Then I got an email with a 25% off coupon from Borders and decided to use it. There are so many great patterns in here. I'm not sure where to start. A friend's daughter asked me if I could make her a wrap/poncho so I think I might start with whatever one she picks out.


My new favorite...

teacher! That's right, I'm going to talk about my favorite professor. Why? Well read on. I have 5 professors and having had classes for only a couple of weeks I hadn't really picked a favorite. All of that changed today - and of course, it's knitting related.

The classrooms are always so cold, so today I was wearing my one skein wonder. Guess what? My RELG103 professor asked me if I knit my "shrug" (she actually used that word instead of sweater thingy) myself AND she identified it as the one skein wonder. How cool is that?

Anyway, I'm still just working on my friend's scarf - need to get it done before the 29th. I'm also excited about the new Gilmore Girls season.



I can't believe it's been four years all ready. I'm watching the rememberance ceremony right now on Fox. Runs With Needles has a great link on her website which, let me tell you, had me in tears. I think I cry more about 9/11 today than I did when it happened. I was just so shocked when we saw the footage (live for us, in late night, as we were stationed in Japan at the time).

The one thing that gets to me today, more than any other images I see, are the images of those people falling from the towers. At the time, I never saw the close ups. I watched the special on National Geographic (I think) and that's when I saw them for the first time...and again when I followed the link from the above blog. To think, to try to imagine, what they were thinking - so desperate to get out of that building, even knowing that perhaps they wouldn't make it and deciding to take their lives into their own hands - is just impossible. It breaks my heart to see that footage.


Weekend Knitting

Things should calm down next week at school now that I've quit working during the week. I should've know it wouldn't be workable to do so. This weekend was the first time I got to pick up my needles since D.H's surgery on Sept 1st. I don't have a photo, but my friend's scarf is now a little over 30 inches long with about 10-11 repeats of the cable pattern. I think it's looking really nice.

One of the great things about the University of Mary Washington is that there is a yarn shop just down the street. Lucky me! Yesterday between classes I took a walk down there to get some yarn for my Scarf Me pal. The photo below is what I came out with:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The purple yarn is 50% wool and 50% llama, which is what I will be using for the scarf I send to my Scarf Me recipient. Hmmm, but there is more yarn in the photo. What is to be done with that? Of course, that is for me! The other four skeins are all Koigu FANCY, which is 100% wool but boucle. I couldn't decide which color I liked more, the blue or the multi so I got two of each. At $7.99 each it was so bad, plus this store gives UMW students a 10% discount!!!!!!!!!

I'm thinking of using the Koigu to make the My So Called Scarf. I might have to double strand it, but each skein only has about 100 yards so I'm not sure if I'll have enough. I will check it out though once I'm almost done with this other scarf.


Secret Pal

Sorry it's taken me so long, but here is the post about my SP...finally. I got a couple of emails from my SP on Monday 29th. She is none other than Blossom. And she has a sense of humor. The first link she sent me to her blog was bogus! I really appreciated and loved everything she sent me. I have to yet to start a pair of socks, but I will, probably when I'm on break from school. I am going to keep reading her blog. She is a great knitter and has great taste (just look at some of the patterns she has posted about).

Anyway, I was the gifter to Liz over at Knitting from Outer Space. I think she liked everything I sent. I even sent her some of my precious Vegemite. Considering I have to order it online, I rarely give it away. Anyway, I don't think she'll like it, but she's brave enough to try it seems. Good luck with that Liz.

Survived the first week of classes

Well this past week has been crazy! My classes started Monday and I feel like I've been bombarded with so much. I have thought at least once, "I'm not going to be able to keep up with it all." I'm a little calmer now...but not by much. I think part of the trouble was that hubby had his back surgery on Thursday. I won't mention where he had it done, but man, do they suck when it comes to all things administration! Talk about the run-around. I sent a friend to pick him up on Friday morning and again, more of the same. He didn't get home until after 1pm after being told they could leave at 9 am. So my stress levels were high from Wednesday afternoon (when it all started) to Thursday night when I got home late from the hospital and still had homework to do. His surgery was done at 1pm so I figured I'd be out of there by 3-ish. Nope, I didn't leave until closer to 7 because they took him up to the wrong floor for his one night stay. Crazy! I will never go there to have anything done.

Anyway, I also wanted to clarify a comment I made in my last post about looters. At the time there wasn't much looting for survival, i.e. food etc. That I can understand.

The other looting and crimes going on (rape, murder etc) are no excuse! As far as I'm concerned, if you're comitting any of those then yes, the NG should be able to shoot you on sight. I won't mentioned any of my other thoughts because they are quite harsh and this is a knitting blog after all. However, if I did, I would not be saying stuff like "Bush doesn't care about black people," as Kanye West so eloquently (perhaps not) put it. All I will say is that his comments were ridiculous, but he has his right to free speech. He won't be playing in my CD player any time soon and that's too bad because he's a pretty good musician.

AND A LITTLE BIT OF KNITTING...I did work on my Vintage Velvet scarf while waiting for my hubby to get out of surgery. I haven't done any knitting since Thursday and I miss it! I will try and get some done this weekend between work and catching up on school stuff.