I can't believe it's been four years all ready. I'm watching the rememberance ceremony right now on Fox. Runs With Needles has a great link on her website which, let me tell you, had me in tears. I think I cry more about 9/11 today than I did when it happened. I was just so shocked when we saw the footage (live for us, in late night, as we were stationed in Japan at the time).

The one thing that gets to me today, more than any other images I see, are the images of those people falling from the towers. At the time, I never saw the close ups. I watched the special on National Geographic (I think) and that's when I saw them for the first time...and again when I followed the link from the above blog. To think, to try to imagine, what they were thinking - so desperate to get out of that building, even knowing that perhaps they wouldn't make it and deciding to take their lives into their own hands - is just impossible. It breaks my heart to see that footage.


Rob said...

Yes it was hard to see the people falling off of the buildings. Was very hard to stomach and realize in a matter of seconds these people would be dead.

Anonymous said...

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Kathy said...

I know what you mean about the links that I posted today. Both of them just make me sob like a baby and take me right back to 2001.