I'm still alive

I have very little time to spare these days. It is so bad that the milk in our fridge had an expiration date of Oct 24...I didn't get new milk until yesterday, the 29th! The old milk was fine in my tea, which was all I was using it for during the past week.

Anyway, moving on. I have finished my scarf for my Scarf Me pal. I will be taking pics and packing it up to be sent out early next week. I'm planning on casting on tonight for the Cashmere Crossover I'm making for a friend's little girl, with some changes. Since I'm going to knit it in two pieces, front and back, I'm thinking of casting on for both sides and working them simultaneously. I think this would work because I keep good track of where I am in a pattern. There are heaps of little pieces of paper around the house with little scratch marks on them, my way of marking each row I've finished.

I've started to think ahead for my Christmas planning. I do more than knit for crafts so I'm going to have to hit the JoAnn store and get some supplies. I'm planning on sewing Christmas stockings for my sister and her family (just three of them so that's not a too many). I'm going to make some handmade cards for some people. I'm not ambitious enough to make cards for everyone on my Christmas card list, it's a big list. I like to send out cards because it's a cheap way of sending holiday cheer. But I am going to make cards for some of my friends nearby and the very important people in our lives.

I love Christmas. It's my favorite time of year (it helps that I was born four days after Christmas), but I still don't like seeing the malls have Christmas lights up BEFORE Halloween. Yes, the mall I work at has their lights up all ready. I was told that in a couple of weeks Santa Claus will be out and about too. It's too early for Santa (sorry big guy!).

Anyway, I'm off to enjoy my one day off this week. I was so tired when I went to bed last night that I forgot to set our clocks back. I got up this morning and wondered what on earth was going on when the computer clock said one time and the VCR clock said another.


Some knitting

I have been knitting between studying. I finally got tired of wrestling with imperfect and passe compose in French. Unfortunately there is no escaping them because it's something I really need to learn!

Anyway, knitting has kept me sane. I've been working on a mock-up of the project I'm planning for my friend's little girl and I think the changes I've made are going to be fine. I'm waiting on the yarn I ordered from Knitpicks and then I can get started on her poncho from Wrap Style.

I've also been working on the scarf for my Scarf Me! pal. I had a few false starts. I picked a pattern, I didn't like the pattern. Then I wasn't sure about the yarn, but then stuck with what I had originally chosen (the purple yarn from a past post). So here are some photos.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
A close-up of the pattern. It's just a generic cable pattern from a book in my knitting library that uses a multiple of 6 stitches.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
It's a little longer now, but it looks just the same. I'm actually falling in love with the color of this yarn. I'm not usually a purple kind of girl, but I think this shade.