Some knitting

I have been knitting between studying. I finally got tired of wrestling with imperfect and passe compose in French. Unfortunately there is no escaping them because it's something I really need to learn!

Anyway, knitting has kept me sane. I've been working on a mock-up of the project I'm planning for my friend's little girl and I think the changes I've made are going to be fine. I'm waiting on the yarn I ordered from Knitpicks and then I can get started on her poncho from Wrap Style.

I've also been working on the scarf for my Scarf Me! pal. I had a few false starts. I picked a pattern, I didn't like the pattern. Then I wasn't sure about the yarn, but then stuck with what I had originally chosen (the purple yarn from a past post). So here are some photos.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
A close-up of the pattern. It's just a generic cable pattern from a book in my knitting library that uses a multiple of 6 stitches.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
It's a little longer now, but it looks just the same. I'm actually falling in love with the color of this yarn. I'm not usually a purple kind of girl, but I think this shade.


wendy g said...

Great scarf. Love the color and the pattern.

Dani said...

Love the scarf! I just bought scarf style and have four scarves I want to knit (not to mention the 12 or so other projects)...not enough time!