O' Christmas Tree

Who knew a Christmas Tree could be so time consuming? I broke my usual rule and started putting the tree up today - usually the tree doesn't go up until December 1st on the dot! But since I had to buy a new tree today I figured I would get started on it and I'm glad I did. It took me an hour to put the thing together (yes, I buy artificial)! Then I had to mess with the lights - add another two hours.

Not to mention I only just found out yesterday that when we moved here in February I decided to throw our old Christmas tree out. I don't even remember doing it. I was sure we had it in our garage until DH told me that "I" had decided to throw it out. How could I totally forget something like that? I guess it's just the craziness of school, work and the "season" to be jolly.

PS: I call them Christmas trees and ALWAYS will; no PC "holiday" tree for me.

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