Scarf Me! update

I'm done with the scarf for my Scarf Me! pal. I finished it in plenty of time before the mailing deadline, which I then missed. I am going to get it in the post tomorrow.

I never thought I'd ever be too busy to do the simplest things like go to the post office or even buy milk!

Anyway, not much knitting has been going on otherwise. I've been in a bit of slump in that I've been too tired to really bother to pick up the needles. The other day I noticed a girl in one of my classes knitting a scarf. I also noticed one of the cafeteria people knitting the Harry Potter scarf. It's weird sometimes when you see people knitting when usually you don't see anyone.


Anonymous said...

hey...your scarf me pal here! Something is making its way to you as we speak! Please post when you get it! I cant wait!!!

Lu said...

I got the scarf today - it is so beautiful, thank you so much!
It is just "my" color, and I love the cables.
I'll post photos on my blog soon.