Happy New Year...Almost

I can't believe it's almost 2006. Do the years pass quicker as you get older? I really think it does. I tried to take a nap earlier so I would actually make it to midnight, but my DH forced me out of bed with some snoring. He's not all bad though, look what he got me for my birthday:

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Yep, that's a Denise Interchangeable Needle Set!

I plan on starting my Wave Skirt soon now that I have these. That way I don't have to buy circs in three sizes. But I put them to good use today by putting my most recent project on them. The poncho I'm making for my friend's little girl is back in knitting rotation. I stoppped knitting it for a bit because it was just too much and I was tired most nights. But here it is now:

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This photo gives you a good idea of the color.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The color is washed out here, but this is a close-up of the cable pattern.

The needles are really good and I love them all ready. I was knitting this piece on straight needles and it was getting heavy and bulky, but these needles make all the difference.

Well I'm going to knit the night away and hopefully I will make it to mightnight.


Sucky Socks!

Tonight I decided to take the plunge and start knitting a pair of socks. After two false starts I am stopping for the night, but I think it might be okay on my next attempt. I don't know if this is common or not, but I feel very clumsy with all those DPNs.

I'm also going to take the plunge and dye my own yarn to make a Clapotis. I've wanted to make one of these for the longest time, but never got around to it. I think my New Year's resolution is to knit more things for myself. This year I only made a OSW and a couple of scarves for myself, nothing big. Anyway, if anyone has good Kool-Aid dyeing tips, please let me know. I think I'm looking for something kind of chocolately, with some pink and yellow maybe. I would love to see other knitter's examples of what they've done with the colors used if possible.

Have a Happy New Year everyone!


Happy Birthday to Me!

So today is my birthday and my competition went well I think. Two people definitely guessed the right age: Adrienne over at Feelings Are Important, and Laura at Stream of Consciousness. Both were right when they said I would be 28 today. Thanks to those who thought I was younger, I get that a lot. :)

I'm also sending out a consolation prize to Ruth at Ruth's Knits, who guessed 27 and would've guessed 28 but thought she couldn't because someone all ready had. So, she is going to get a little something too...although who knows what is going to be sent out.

I would like each of these lovely ladies to email me their name and addresses so I can send goodies out soon.

Have a happy New Year!


How old will I be? Competition

I've seen so many other blogs that have little competitions, and since I've determined that I haven't mentioned it here on the blog and I haven't filled that info in on my profile, I'm going to have my first little competition!

Question: How old will I be this Thursday (the 29th)?

You can use the comments section to guess, and if more than one person guesses right I'll put their names in a hat and draw out a name (seen it done on other blogs). I'm not sure what the prize will be yet, but it will be yarn. I do have a little stash. Closing date for guesses is Thursday, December 29th.

Merry Christmas & Boxing Day

I hope everyone in the knitting world had a great Christmas. We enjoyed ourselves at our child-free house, no being woken up at 6 am. Actually, we were woken up at 6:30am by my Dad calling from Australia BUT we went back to sleep afterward!

My DH and I got up late then opened our presents (all two of them each!). We went over to a friend's house and had a great day. It was really nice. My knitted gifts went over well, which is good considering I didn't finish P's scarf until 1 am on the 25th.

Today (Boxing Day) was also great. Some other friends of ours came down to visit and we all got together and had some fun. My friends bought me a DVD (Disney's Bedknobs & Broomsticks) and a book, Le Petit Prince - yes, the French version.

This week is going to be nice and quiet for me, so I can work on that poncho that was supposed to be a Christmas present. I worked everyday except for Wednesday last week because of the holidays, so I'm looking forward to having a bit of a breather. On Wednesday night I'm going to see The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the witch and the Wardrobe with a friend and two of her little girls. Her little girl, C, really wants to see it so it's going to be a treat. I decided that was how I wanted to celebrate my birthday on Thursday. Any guesses how old I will be?


Christmas Knitting

Here are a couple of Christmas projects I recently finished ("recently" being today, about 20 minutes ago!) Both gifts are for my friend's little girls. The yarn was just something I picked up at Jo-Ann's for about $4 a ball. It has a bit of sparkly stuff in it, which is why I chose it because I thought it was a bit whimsical. I'm making a poncho for their older sister, but it's not going to be done in time for Christmas, so I'm going to whip up a nice scarf for her too.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
A close up of the yarn and stitch. It's just a simple garter stitch. The nature of the yarn wouldn't allow for anything more complicated.


Where have I been?

So it’s been a while since I’ve bothered to blog. Time really does get away from you. I’ve had a lot to say though, so I had to type up a little thing in Word just so I wouldn’t forget what all that was.

I have been knitting and receiving knitting goods. I feel bad that it’s taken me this long to get it up, but here is the photo of the scarf I got from my Scarf Me Pal, Rebecca over at Me, myself and I (http://furrworld.blogspot.com/). I’ve worn it quite a few times since it arrived, what with the weather turning chilly on us. One day we had nice 70 degree temps and then, bam!, in comes the cold.

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I have been wearing this ALL the time - it's my favorite scarf at the moment.

We had our first snow last week. Here are some photos. It started last Monday afternoon and I woke up the next morning with 3 inches on my car. That's not much considering other places get much more, but two years in northern Japan made me hate snow. It may be white, fluffy and pretty...but it's also cold and heavy and evil!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
This is just from the start of the snow falling...

Now for more knitting...I have a couple of Christmas presents going on right now. One is a kind of large project, a poncho for a friend’s little girl. Since I’m knitting her something I thought I’d make her two sisters a little something as well, so they are getting a scarf and hat. The scarf is simple garter stitch, but the yarn is really pretty. The poncho I am making is from Wrap Style and is Cashmere Crossings. I have to make some size adjustments, but otherwise it is going nicely. I don't have photos of the hats and scarves yet, but here is my progress on the poncho. You can't really see the cable detail in this photo:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I also picked up some yarn to make myself a little something. The orange yarn is so soft!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And just to end on a fun note, look at my new slippers! Aren't they cute?

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