Coming Along nicely

I managed to get back to where I was with my Wave Skirt and then some. I'm actually getting ready to start the feather and fan part of the pattern. I think I'm going to wait until my Knitter's Group to start that incase something goes horribly wrong.

I also cast on another quick project, a gift for my sister. I'm making the Felted Bucket Hat for her birthday. It won't be done in time (February 5th), but it will be done soon. All I need to do now (after knitting for the last couple of hours) is to felt it, which will be done tomorrow probably.

I've joined a couple of things recently:

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Image hosting by Photobucket

As for knitting, I'm back to working on my Cashmere Crossings so I can get at least the front done. At this rate the little girl it's being gifted to won't have it until next winter!

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