Welcome 2006!

I saw this on another blog so decided to go ahead and do it for myself.

Top 5 2005

1. Surviving a stateside move: With all the moving we’ve done, things can get pretty stressful. I think the move from Florida to Virginia was actually the easiest one and least stressful.
2. Knit Bloggers: I read so many great knitting blogs and I’m so grateful for it. They’ve giving me inspiration and, since I have a habit of getting bored, kept me interested in knitting.
3. Fall Grades from UMW: My first semester at a real four-year college (there is nothing wrong with community colleges – I went to one in Florida) started off with crazy home stuff going on. Somehow I managed to end up with four A’s and one B for final grades. Yeah!
4. My Denise Interchangeable Needle Set: I just got this just days ago, but all ready I love it.
5. Favorite Yarn Store: I don’t actually have much of a choice, but The Knitter’s Cottage by my college has a good selection and I get a 10% discount for being a UMW student.

New Year’s Resolutions 2006

1. Knit more things for myself: I see I’m not the only one who wants to do this. I want to actually finish a nice big project just for ME.
2. Take advantage of the gym (free) at my college: Notice I’m not saying how many times a week I’m going to etc etc. That’s because if I actual get more specific I won’t do it, so I’m being realistic.
3. Actually write something and submit it for publication: This has been a dream of mine for so long, since childhood, and I never get around to it.
4. Stay organized: With so much going on in the New Year (work, school...) I really need to stay on top of all my college class work so I don’t get overwhelmed.
5. Try new things, knitting wise: This is the year for socks and yarn dyeing. I’ve been inspired by Dani at Sunshine Knits to knit the Wave Skirt (that’s getting ready to cast on) and to try dyeing some of my own yarn.

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Ruth said...

hi becky! yea, i agree on the notion of knitting more for yourself. 99% of my knitting time is on projects for others - and it gets stressful (trying to make deadlines and birthdays and showers, etc.) and it takes away from the joy of the craft! so for me, slowing down, and more me-projects! =)
p.s. happy new year! =)