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Thought I'd update my life and knitting progress. My classes started back up last Monday at UMW. It was actually my 8th wedding anniversary too. We celebrated that night with dinner at Red Lobster. We're a pretty low-key couple so that was nice for us. My DH gave me two gift cards, one from Borders and one from Victoria's Secret. For a man who claims I have too many books, he does buy me a lot of gift cards from book stores! Anyway, back to my classes...I am probably crazy, but I'm taking 6 classes (the max allowed) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So I'm on campus from 8am until 4pm.

I went to my Knitter's Group meeting in Waldorf, MD last Wednesday night. It's the first time in a long time (since about summer I think) that I've been. Between classes and work last semester, I never had the time. It was nice though and I had a really good time. It was at Borders so I used my anniversary gift card to get some great books. Here is what I got:

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I also bought a little something else, just because...

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In knitting news, I had to rip out my Wave Skirt because I think I got myself confused with K2, P2 and it didn't look like nice ribbing. So I have cast on again and am redoing it, this time making sure I keep track of whether I'm K2 or P2. I'm also planning on casting on for a small gift project (I know, I said I would knit for myself this year, and I am) that I know my sister will love for her birthday. She is going to receive this. I have also volunteered to participate in Stacey's afghan project. She is getting a skein of yarn from various people to knit up an afghan and I thought that was a cool idea. Now I just have to decide what to send her.

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Scottish Lamb said...

Belated Anniversary wishes to you!!