Thought I'd post a couple of project updates since it's been a week or so since my last post. First up, the Cashmere Crossings is coming along slowly. I'm almost done with the front, but then I have to start the huge task of knitting the back. I'm just about all-purpled out!

I am up to the first part of the feather and fan pattern of my Wave Skirt. I like how it looks and I'm pretty sure I'm doing it right. It is looking nice with all the blues. I haven't been able to take a nice picture of it though so that will have to wait.

I finished a quick little project for a birthday gift, the felted bucket hat from Chic Knits. If you follow the link to my gallery you can see all the details there.

I haven't cast on for my socks yet for the Sockapalooza, nor have I cast on for my sweater for the Year-of-the Sweater Along. Those are two things on the to-do list.

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