Lots of project updates

Finally, I've found time to take photos, upload them and now post. Beware - this is a photo intensive post.

First up, my Ribbi Cardi is coming along, slowly but surely. I'm almost done with the back and I really like this color. It's kind of a pumpkin color, not as bright as it seems to look in the photos.

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Beginings of a new project.

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I finally cast on for my first pair of socks. These are going to my sockapalooza pal so I'm going to work to a certain point in the pattern before my next knitter's group because I have read ahead and see some trouble patches. But here is the first few rows:

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My favorite project at the moment, which is also nearly done, is my Wave Skirt from Interweave Knits Spring 2005 (I think this is the year.)

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Not sure if you can see it properly since it's dark blue and our couch is dark blue - but the waves are at the bottom of the skirt so this is just showing the full skirt.

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Close-up #1

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Close-up #2

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Close-up #3

And I can't believe that I never posted on Valentine's Day - my DH surprised me with roses (!) and chocolate goodies. We agreed to exchange cards only and he never sticks to it. I don't think he believes me when I say a card is enough. Here are the pretty roses:

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My favorite - an orange rose! It was gorgeous.

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The chocolate goodies included three blocks of Cadbury's chocolate and some Turtles (which I don't eat, so DH got them.)


re: MIA

Wow! I really have let the blog go a bit, but it couldn't be helped. Hopefully I will have a chance soon to post some pics of my Wave Skirt, which is almost done. I just have to master the lace edging that finishes it off. I have also started the Ribbi Cardi (finally) and am almost done with the back. That is going to have to wait for a bit though while I cast on (and probably frog and then re-cast over and over) for my first pair of socks. I joined Sockapalooza so I HAVE to knit socks - it's part of the deal.

I've been wanting to knit socks for a while, but the fear factor had stopped me. No more! I have the yarn and the needles, and even a pattern and I will cast on soon for those. They have to be received by May 2nd I think so I'm cutting it a little close.


Spring Break - yeah!

So my Spring Break started yesterday afternoon - a little early in the season since it's still pretty cold outside, but I'm glad for the break. The last couple of weeks have been busy, school and work. Knitting has been slow. Hopefully this week I will pick up and get some projects going or finished.

My knitting plans are this:
1. Work on my Wave Skirt. I'm now onto the second feather and fan pattern section so it's coming along nicely. Again, I still can't take a nice pic of it yet.
2. Cast on for my Ribby Cardi that I've wanted to make for so long.
3. Finish the Cashmere Crossings. This project has been changed a lot. I only did the front, but gave the girl who is receiving it the option of waiting for the back to be done (a very long time), or let me make it so the front becomes one poncho - which is the way we're going to go. So I'm going to finish that up and block it this week.
4. Maybe start my kool-aid dyeing so I can (eventually) cast on for Clapotis.