re: MIA

Wow! I really have let the blog go a bit, but it couldn't be helped. Hopefully I will have a chance soon to post some pics of my Wave Skirt, which is almost done. I just have to master the lace edging that finishes it off. I have also started the Ribbi Cardi (finally) and am almost done with the back. That is going to have to wait for a bit though while I cast on (and probably frog and then re-cast over and over) for my first pair of socks. I joined Sockapalooza so I HAVE to knit socks - it's part of the deal.

I've been wanting to knit socks for a while, but the fear factor had stopped me. No more! I have the yarn and the needles, and even a pattern and I will cast on soon for those. They have to be received by May 2nd I think so I'm cutting it a little close.

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