Spring Break - yeah!

So my Spring Break started yesterday afternoon - a little early in the season since it's still pretty cold outside, but I'm glad for the break. The last couple of weeks have been busy, school and work. Knitting has been slow. Hopefully this week I will pick up and get some projects going or finished.

My knitting plans are this:
1. Work on my Wave Skirt. I'm now onto the second feather and fan pattern section so it's coming along nicely. Again, I still can't take a nice pic of it yet.
2. Cast on for my Ribby Cardi that I've wanted to make for so long.
3. Finish the Cashmere Crossings. This project has been changed a lot. I only did the front, but gave the girl who is receiving it the option of waiting for the back to be done (a very long time), or let me make it so the front becomes one poncho - which is the way we're going to go. So I'm going to finish that up and block it this week.
4. Maybe start my kool-aid dyeing so I can (eventually) cast on for Clapotis.

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Ruth said...

hi becky!! would LOVE to see pics of your knitting projects =)