May 1-5 is going to be a hell of a week for me. It's my final exam week at college and I feel like I'm going to die. I have 3 exams on Monday, 2 on Wednesday and 1 on Friday. Not only do I have to study this weekend I also have to work even though I asked for a couple of days off (due to emergencies that couldn't be helped, I have to go in.)

Anyway, wish me luck! The only thing getting me through is the fact that on May 15th I fly out for my trip here.


Completely missed...

my blog-a-versary! Goes to show how busy I've been with school and stuff. For some reason I decided to check out when I started this blog, which was March 8th 2005. SO, keep checking back for something to do with a contest for my belated blog-a-versary.

New Project

Even though I have exams coming up, I felt the need to cast on for a new project since my skirt was finished. So this is what I'm making:

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It's the top-down eyelet capelet from Wrap Style.

It is actually coming along quite quickly. I think I'm going to crochet a flower to go with it, like the one in the picture, but made out of yarn. I'm thinking of making it out of some orangey colored yarn I have because I think the contrast will be nice.

Here are some photos of my wave skirt. I've worn it once, but forgot to take a photo of it on.

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This is the edging I did - not what the pattern called for. I will give more details when I put this project in my completed gallery.

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I think I'm going to replace the crocheted i-cord that is used as a belt because it doesn't seem to hold and I feel like I have to keep tightening it. I'm thinking of going to JoAnns Fabrics to look for the perfect ribbing. I'll have to take the skirt with me to get one that matches nicely.


Surf's Up!

The Wave Skirt is done! That's right, finished. I finished up the lace edging while watching Dr. Who. I'm not too keen on the actor playing this doc, my favorite was number four. I was still a kid when I watched this and they had to be reruns, and although they look stupid now, those Daleks scared the crap out of me. Anyway, that's some Dr. Who for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about.

Anyway, the skirt still needs to be blocked, but that will get done tomorrow. I made a few changes, which I will explain when I post the pictures.



I have been knitting...really! I finished my first pair of socks, which can be seen here.

My Wave Skirt is almost done...I'm just working on the edging, which I have changed from what the pattern calls for. I wanted to have it done for my trip to Europe and I was struggling with the lace pattern it actually called for so I just picked something nice I liked from this.

Rock 'n Ribbed Socks

Voila! My very first pair of socks...done. Except for a little bit of mismatch at the toe, I managed to keep the stripes pretty much matched up.

Pattern:Rock 'n' Ribbed from here. This is a great book, with very simple instructions.
Yarn: Simple Stripes (double stranded, giving it a different look to what it's supposed to turn out like) in Snapdragon from Knit Picks
Date Started:About two weeks ago, April 2nd or 3rd.
Date Finished:Yesterday! April 19th, 2006
Destination: Going to my sockapalooza pal!

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I call these the 'fruit punch' socks, but the gals at my knitting group said the colors reminded them of sherbert. Either way, good thoughts.


One down, one to go!

Here is my first ever finished sock! If it looks a little strange at the toe it's because it's too big for my little foot - these are for my Sockapalooza Pal. The pattern is from Knit Socks! and is called Rock 'n' Ribbed.

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In-progress photo.

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Done! This was one of two photos I took and I think this one represents the colors much better than the other.



Can you get addicted to socks with just your first pair? I'm knitting for my sock-pal (Sock-a-palooza) and I'm doing fairly good for a newbie. I've only had to rip out once but now I'm on the home stretch, knitting to the toe. Look-out toe shaping! They're coming along quite nicely so I should definitely be done by the deadline.

I'm all ready eyeing some lovely Memories sock yarn from Knitpicks in several colorways to make myself a pair - and am even considering socks for gifts for Christmas this year (a long way off I know!)