New Project

Even though I have exams coming up, I felt the need to cast on for a new project since my skirt was finished. So this is what I'm making:

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It's the top-down eyelet capelet from Wrap Style.

It is actually coming along quite quickly. I think I'm going to crochet a flower to go with it, like the one in the picture, but made out of yarn. I'm thinking of making it out of some orangey colored yarn I have because I think the contrast will be nice.

Here are some photos of my wave skirt. I've worn it once, but forgot to take a photo of it on.

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This is the edging I did - not what the pattern called for. I will give more details when I put this project in my completed gallery.

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I think I'm going to replace the crocheted i-cord that is used as a belt because it doesn't seem to hold and I feel like I have to keep tightening it. I'm thinking of going to JoAnns Fabrics to look for the perfect ribbing. I'll have to take the skirt with me to get one that matches nicely.

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Samantha said...

Hi Rebecca,

You know, now I'm not sure if my stitch count was off... I'll have to see if I made any notes next to the pattern. Sometimes if I'm off by a stitch or two I just increase or decrease somewhere it won't be noticed. I'm thinking about making another capelet soon. My latest kick has been one skein wonders, I've made 2 so far (I'll have to remember to post pictures.

Your wave skirt is amazing, I think I might have to try that one. Thanks for stopping by my site, and I'm looking forward to checking yours out. :)