Where have you been?

Saw this on another blog so I thought I'd try it. It's now updated to reflect my European trip.

This map does not include all the airports I've stopped in because I don't think that really counts, but for interest I've stopped over in Singapore, Taiwan and New Zealand.

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands


knitannie said...

Wow you've travelled to every end of this earth. Just need to fill in the stuff in the middle now. Europe should take care of some of it. I recommend Singapore for a stopover if you are ever heading back to Australia.
I am originally from Perth and that's where we are returning to. We've spent 5 years in London working and travelling a little. I would love to be staying but work, family and friends are all pulling us back. What are you doing in Virginia?

JRS said...

Hi Rebecca,
I got your package last night! I've been wearing the socks ever since. They fit great--you can check out photos on my blog!
Have a great trip to Europe--where are you going? It's fabulous; maybe your husband will get stationed there someday. I used to live in France and it's amazing.
Thanks again for the socks. They're very comfy, and I'm glad you had fun knitting them. The ones I sent were also the first pair I had made, but there are lots of noticeable mistakes in them...you did a very good job!