Future Projects

My Eyelet Capelet from Wrap Style is almost done so I've been eyeing new projects. I still have to re-cast on for my Ribbi Cardi, but I'm still looking for other stuff to knit. There are a couple of projects from IK that I want to do, but they're sweaters so I'm putting those off.

One thing I have seen is Picovoli by Grumperina. I'm behind the bandwagon on this, it seems, with so many other bloggers having all ready knit it. I've been inspired by Colourknits and this is a different way to wear it that's very chic too.

I'm also eyeing the Minisweater at Glampyre after seeing one on Elliphantom's blog. I love reading blogs just for this reason!

So anyway, sorry for the link infested post, but sometimes I just don't feel like loading pics and stuff for the page.

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