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My reading list has been updated for a while now, but I have yet to write anything about the two books that were completed. So here is my little 'review' of them, basically just if I liked them or not - nothing fancy.

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
Of course, I read the other one (you know the one I mean) and I liked this one a little bit less...but only a little bit! I felt like it got off to a slow start, but after that, I really did enjoy the story and got into the swing of things. I like mysteries and such, but I am a bit of a cheat sometimes and always want to cheat (a.k.a. look at the ending!) I had an inkling of who the bad guy was, but was tricked into thinking it was someone else...only to discover I had been right the first time. I guess this is a sign of a good mystery/thriller story. As a non-religious person, I read this book and the other one simply for the joy of reading. I don't take any of it seriously, but there was this one line in this book that maybe (only maybe) has made me rethink my view on God a little bit. I can't quote the line yet because the book is at a friend's house. When I get it back (I don't want to ad lib the quote because I will ruin it) I will update this post and see what you think. Overall, I give this book a 9/10 just for what I felt was a slow start.

The Myth of You & Me by Leah Stewart
As someone who values friendships dearly and has a select group of close girlfriends (at least one I've know for 20+ years), I thought I would really like this book. Not so much. It just didn't grab me, and although I guess I can say I liked it, I did not love it. I will not keep it on my shelves. I felt like the main character wasn't really developed that much. All I knew was that she wasn't down with too many close relationships with anyone and the one she did have, with her best friend, had ended badly. Didn't I mention in the above 'review' that I have a tendency to cheat with mysteries? Well, why then, would I enjoy a book that waited until almost the end to reveal the big reason why the friends had split in the first place? Also, the second main character (the main character's friend) had a really horrible mother that she stood by. I guess I'm not that a strong of a person because I would've told 'mummy dearest' where to go years ago. Anyway, so this book (for me) was just so so...didn't hate it, but didn't love it either. That means 5/10.

I am still reading C'est la Vie, a kind of autobiographical armchair travel book. It's good...I like it, but I'm not sure if it's just because I love Paris and I love armchair travel books.

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