It’s Sunday morning and there is nothing on television. So I’ve flipped to WE’s Bridezillas. Oh my god! There are women in the world (just like this woman on today’s how) wondering why they can’t find a good man and settled down*. LOOK IN THE MIRROR!! If this woman’s fiancé ditched her at the altar she is well deserving of the act and I wouldn’t feel the least bit sorry for her (alas, he did not get any balls [see later in post] and did not ditch her.)

Yeah, weddings can be stressful and a lot of the planning falls on the bride. This is a double-edged sword because these women generally dream of planning their perfect wedding and then go on and on (and on!) about how stressful it ends up being. Hello! Striving for perfection is stressful and ridiculous.

And what about these men! The groom-to-be is crying like a baby after his soon-to-be (let’s hope not) wife throws a fit and says she won’t marry him. He needs to get some balls and stand up to this woman – she is walking all over him.

I’ve learnt one thing…I can’t watch this show without yelling at the tellie. Who are these people? I can definitely see these people ending up in divorce court. Selfishness and self-importance is contributing to the almost 50% divorce rate in America.

I mean, really, who needs 15 (yes, I said 15!) bridesmaids and groomsmen? It’s a waste of money for one day when it could be spent on a down payment for a house or something important…maybe a child’s college education. The total wedding cost: $83,000!

*Just a quick note: Although I am happily married and have been for 8 years, I do not think a woman is incomplete if she is not married or have a boyfriend/partner.

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African Kelli said...

Wow. $83,000. That is insane.