I wanted to let you all know that I have chosen a winner for my contest to name Mousie Mousie. But since I've been working non-stop this past week, I haven't had time to finish him. Fingers crossed he will be done tonight and then unveiled here on the blog, along with the winners.

So, until then...I leave you with this - one of those meme (is that what they're called) thingies.

4 jobs I’ve had in my life:
* working a food service kiosk at a recreation center (my first job!)
* sales assistant (am now on my second sales assistant job, part-time)
* medical transcriptionist

4 movies I can watch over and over:
* Fried Green Tomatoes
* Bridget Jone's Diary
* Harry Potter Movies
* Never Been Kissed

4 TV shows I love to watch:
* Gilmore Girls
* Forensic Files (and any number of other Court TV shows like it)
* Monk
* Charmed

4 places I have lived:
* Perth, Western Australia
* Misawa, Japan
* Florida
* Virginia

4 places I have been on holiday:
* Niagara Falls
* London, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen & Stockholm (all one trip!)
* Alabama (to visit family, but still a holiday)
* New Orleans

4 of my favorite dishes:
* lansagne (esp. when made from scratch by a friend of mine)
* vegemite on toast
* baked beans on toast
* pizza

4 websites I visit daily:
* News.com.au
* Hotmail.com
* Bloglines
* Fox News

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