Fabric Giveaway

As promised, here is the fabric from my stash that I wish to pass onto good homes. This is going to be a photo intensive post. All I am asking is that you pay the postage for your fabric - that's it, either through Paypal, check or money order. If you see something you like, email me directly at beckysue33@hotmail.com (if you leave a comment I may not get to it in time - this way I know who is 'first'.) and also refer to the fabric by its number. Some of this fabric is multi-yardage, at least one yard or more. If two people want it, I am willing to halve it. So, without further ado...let's see what I have:

#1 Size: 18" x 41", possibly been machine washed.

#2 Size: 19" x 42", washed. GONE

#3, 4 and 5 Three fat quarters. GONE

#6 Purpley-blue, multi-yardage. GONE

#7 Multi-yardage. GONE

#8 Size: 21.5" x 37"

#9 Multi-yardage. GONE

#10 If you can't see images clearly, they are fish; multi-yardage.

#11 Multi-yardage. GONE

#12 Multi-yardage. GONE

#13 Purpley-blue, though more purple than blue. Size: 39" x 34.5" approximately.

#14 Size: 42" x 37"

#15 Size: 42" x 36.5"

#16 Size: 18" x 19" (one piece) and 30" x 42" (second piece); both washed.

#17 Size: 44" x 36"; glittery. GONE

#18 Multi-yardage; washed. GONE

#19 Size: 42" x 36.5" GONE

#20 Size: 22" x 40"; more purple than photo shows.

#21 Size: 36" x 1 yard GONE

#22 Size: 22" x 44"

#23 Size: 17" x 18"

#24 Size: 36" x 43"


Sarah said...

Lots of great fabrics. You are very generous.

I'm not allowed any more craft supplies at the moment, otherwise I'd be all over this. Good luck with your de-stash.

javede said...

Wow, you can really part with all this yummy fabric? And you even give it away for free! You really are generous!

I'm tempted, but I just decided to put a hold on buying anything craft related and destash some myself(though I try to do it by sewing more...we'll see how that goes).

fizzle7033 said...

If the Japanese fabric (#12) has at least 3 1/2 yards I want it and #9 the octopi and #2. Are you sure you don't want any more money for this? These are so cool!! I also posted on craftster. :)

sarah said...

Hey, ive searched on google and found this blog, very nice. This seems like an old post but if you stil got the unwanted fabric on your hands il be more than pleased to take them!
Im trying to build a stash so i can sew more!