Reading other blogs...

...is dangerous to my attention span! I love reading other knitting blogs and have SO MANY on my Bloglines. But there is just one problem - I see so many things I want to knit.

First, I visited Lois at Get It Knitted. She was talking about some of her projects and I caught the fact that she mentioned some yarn that I had just bought for no particular reason other than it was on sale. The yarn was Sirdar Snuggly and she mentioned this pattern. Well guess what I'm going to use my yarn for?

Then I went over to The Knitchick's blog. Not only did I get reminded of my recent (but seemingly so long ago) trip to Paris, but I also saw her Jaywalker socks. So now I know what at least one of my skeins of Lorna's Laces is going towards (I have four in the same colorway, Vera, I think.)

Now I just have to add these two projects to my list (never-ending) of projects to do in the future.

And just a bit about other projects I'm working on. I've cut most of my pieces for my Weekender Bag. Picovoli is resting for a bit while I work on my Road Trip Socks. Next week, if my yarn comes from Littleknits, I will be working on a baby blanket. Hopefully I'll get it done before the baby is born, which will be pushing it.


Lois said...

have fun knitting the cami. the yarn is amzingly soft.

bekka said...

i've looked at those jaywalker socks, too. printed off the pattern, even. but can't seem to make myself FINISH the other two pairs of socks i've got on the needles. eh. they're boring. one's a straight rib and the other is just plain old knitting. maybe a pattern like jaywalker would challenge me and keep my interest. can't wait to see how yours comes along.