The Results

Drum roll please! Here are the results of my first Kool-Aid dyeing experience.

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Slammin' Strawberry

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Cha-Cha Cherry. The one on the left was made with 2 packets of Cherry Kool-Aid, the one on the right with 3 packets. I like that one better because it's a little darker.

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Sweet Pink. This is my favorite color.

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I'm calling this skein Rockin' Red. It was made with 3 packets of cherry, 1 of strawberry and 1 of watermelon cherry.

I'm very happy with how my first attempts have turned out. I am thinking of trying to re-dye some of the skeins because there are obvious light spots (not just lighter color, but lack of color). I think the only one that doesn't have this problem is the last skein of Rockin' Red. I would appreciate any feedback from more experienced dyers.

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Chelle said...

Beautiful! I want to start dying my own yarn too! :) Great job!