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Today is a boring Monday. Since I don't have to go to work I'm definitely going to have to clean the house...or some of it. My mum is coming to visit on Saturday and I always like to have a clean house for guests.

I do have an FO to report. The garter-stitch blanket is done, sans photos since I finished it only a couple of hours before the baby shower it was meant for. I completed changed it and didn't end up going with the Debbie Bliss blanket, which is why it was only finished then. Of course, I put everything on hold for that this past week so now I have to try and finish Picovoli, make my wristlet for a swap, and cast on for two new projects (Fetching and French Market Bag from Knitty.)

My things to do list for today (wish me luck):
1. Clean out email INBOX. Done
2. Cast on for Fetching. Done
3. Work on Picovoli.
4. Clean downstairs bathroom, lounge room and kitchen. Done
5. Finish wristlet for swap.
6. Grocery shopping. Done

Whew! That's going to take a while so I guess I'd better stop messing around with my blog and get going.

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bekka said...

i know exactly what you mean! muct get on that wristlet swap tonight!