Knitting has taken place

I have been knitting, I promise. I finally finished my bag for the Knitted Purse Swap. I only just got it in the mail though - deadline for posting was on Wednesday! I won't post a picture to my gallery just yet, I want to make sure the recipient sees it first.

I have also completed one project on my Christmas knitting list. Granted, so far it is a short list, but that is because I haven't finalized everything I want to make yet. All I know is that the projects will be short and sweet. I also got some more yarn and will post a photo of that when I get a chance.


Polly said...

I can't wait to see a picture of the purse!

bekka said...

it's great that you have a short list for knitting. i need to review mine and really think about how much time i have and whether i can make everything i want!