Not so Socktoberfest!

Well...good intentions, right? I *technically* have a pair, just because they don't match doesn't mean anything right? The blue one is the Holey Sock pattern and the other one is the Snakes on a Sock pattern (there's a KAL for this!)

I had many sock intentions though. I'm going to cast on for my Sockret Pal's pair soon, but I can't disclose anything just in case she happens by my blog (doubtful, but you never know!) I also just got a great sock order from Fifth Stitch: eight (count 'em, eight!) skeins of LL Shephard Sock yarn for $46, including shipping. So that is $5.15 a skein (46 - 4.80 for shipping/8).

Colors: Pewter, Seaside, Winter Sunset, Spring Sunset

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Polly said...

I love your sock yarn acquisition (and I would count that as a pair too ;)