Public Service Announcement

While most of those reading this blog won't know who this woman was, her death has prompted me to post. Belinda Emmett was only 24 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, twenty-four!

This is just a reminder that it doesn't take much time to do a breast self-exam and you can never be too young. We often hear that breast cancer is an "older women's" disease and all this talk about mammograms at age 40 and above - well, we younger women out there need to think about it too. Please do your exams and have your annual check-up. You might not think it's important now, you might be too busy, but your life is important.

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bekka said...

it's really scary to think about. and i had not been to the gyno in 7 years until i went last week! i'm a bad bad patient. luckily, nothing was wrong.