Some projects, and a birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday! It's number 29. I'm not feeling too bad about it really, although I do wonder sometimes where the time has gone. :) Last year on birthday number 28 my biological clock starting ticking...I really did think this was just a myth, but for some reason (I kid you not) I just felt like I was ready to have a baby. So my goal for next year is to make that happen. I have (kind of) been diagnosed with PCOS so it's not been smooth sailing this past year. Fingers crossed that in the coming months I will have news to announce here.

I got a couple of Christmas projects done this year. First, I finished a pair of Fetching for a work friend, but I forgot to take a picture.

Sophie Bag

Potato Chip Scarf: Excuse the photo, it is a bad self-pic. Notice my Eeyore PJs?


Mary Carmen said...

Hi Becky, Happy Belated Birthday!!!!! Hope you enjoyed it! Happy new year!

bekka said...

oh, happy belated birthday from me, too! hope it was great. and you ate cake, right?