To the New Year & Beyond (sorry Buzz Lightyear)

Things I did in 2006:

* survived two more semesters of college (full-time, while working at least 20 hrs a week.)
* went to Europe - FINALLY saw Paris, among other places.
* spent some well-deserved time with friends.
* knit some great things.
* participated in some great knitty exchanges.

Plans for 2007:
* knit more socks (among other things.)
* knit more for myself.
* travel to Finland (fingers crossed.)
* organize! (since we are trying for a bebe, I'd like to get the house de-cluttered.)
* get through two more semesters of college, and maybe a summer course.
* intern at the Atlantic Council of the United States in D.C.

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Polly said...

Happy new year! And why Finland?