You'd think it was Christmas!

On Monday, just before I was heading out the door for an appointment, I received TWO packages. One was from my Sockret Pal and one from my SP9 (it's like they're in synch with each other.)

So from my Sockret Pal:

I got SEW-U, a book from my wishlist; a book filled with cookie recipes (the one thing I do cook); the little green pouch has a stapler etc in it - very cute; a little charm to match my other one that says "I love to Sew"; glass head pins, and a needle roll for my DPNs.

A close-up of the charm.

The inside of the needle roll. The red fabric has cats and dogs on it and the inside has Japanese/Asian symbols.

Now on to my wonderful SP9 package. I am so lucky to be getting so spoilt!!

I got one skein of Trekking, which I've been hearing a lot about and want to try; two skeins of Regia sock yarn in a lovely blue colorway; and ANOTHER needle roll!!! Yeah, this will definitely come in handy.

So this week my book collection and my sock stash were both increased without me spending a penny. :)

Thank you so much SP9 and Sockret Pal. I apologize for not posting it to my blog until today, but I have exams coming up and it's a little crazy around here.

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bekka said...

lovely goodies that you got. i think my pals are slacking this month. not a thing from them in a long long time. boo hoo! at least you're still getting mail.