Just thought I would also add that I'll have the contest run through the week probably, depending on the response. Also, to help with those name suggestions, he/she is going to be made with scraps that are red, light green, violet/light purple, and eggplant. It is going to look quite strange!


New Layout, Projects & CONTEST!

So, I now have a new template with some personal touches...and boy, did it take some time. I hope this blog will now reflect a bunch of my interests, not just knitting. I love to read and that's why I added my reading list so everyone knows what pages I'm turning. Okay - onto the projects I'm working on.

Here is a pic of my Eyelet Capelet from Wrap Style while it is being lightly blocked. It's a bit plain looking now, but I plan on crocheting a small flower in a contrast color (probably an orange yarn) color to adorn it.

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I am also working on a small project using some scrap yarn I have from a previous project (a Christmas scarf.) Here is just one piece of it:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This scrap project is this little guy below...which leads to the contest (see below photo.)

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Why? Well, partly to celebrate my new look and partly because I forgot my blog-a-versary, and because my last post was post #100 - woohoo!
What to do? Send me an email (beckysue33@hotmail.com) or leave a comment on my blog with your answer and email (IMPORTANT). Answer to what? I'm taking suggestions for a name for my little mousie friend.
What will I do?I will pick my favorite and the winner will get a little prize (not sure yet, something yarn-y most likely). I will also put everyone's name into a hat and draw a name for a consolation prize too, how about that?


Excuse the mess!

I am in the process of revamping my blog entirely. While I will still be posting quite a bit of knitting stuff, I am going to branch out and widen the scope of this blog a bit.


Future Projects

My Eyelet Capelet from Wrap Style is almost done so I've been eyeing new projects. I still have to re-cast on for my Ribbi Cardi, but I'm still looking for other stuff to knit. There are a couple of projects from IK that I want to do, but they're sweaters so I'm putting those off.

One thing I have seen is Picovoli by Grumperina. I'm behind the bandwagon on this, it seems, with so many other bloggers having all ready knit it. I've been inspired by Colourknits and this is a different way to wear it that's very chic too.

I'm also eyeing the Minisweater at Glampyre after seeing one on Elliphantom's blog. I love reading blogs just for this reason!

So anyway, sorry for the link infested post, but sometimes I just don't feel like loading pics and stuff for the page.


No knitting - Europe photos

I have no knitting content as of yet. I haven't even had time to pick up the needles (boo-hoo!) Anyway, here are some photos from my trip. These are just teasers. You can see all of the photos I took here.

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I'm home

I got back last night after 26 days in Europe. For the most part it was a really great trip. We didn't always have the best weather, but what can you do? I will post some pics and stuff later after I get some more sleep. Right now my body feels like its six hours later than it really is.