To the New Year & Beyond (sorry Buzz Lightyear)

Things I did in 2006:

* survived two more semesters of college (full-time, while working at least 20 hrs a week.)
* went to Europe - FINALLY saw Paris, among other places.
* spent some well-deserved time with friends.
* knit some great things.
* participated in some great knitty exchanges.

Plans for 2007:
* knit more socks (among other things.)
* knit more for myself.
* travel to Finland (fingers crossed.)
* organize! (since we are trying for a bebe, I'd like to get the house de-cluttered.)
* get through two more semesters of college, and maybe a summer course.
* intern at the Atlantic Council of the United States in D.C.


The "6 weird things about me"

I was tagged by Loribird to do this "6 weird things about me" that seems to be making the rounds on the blogs these days (except I must be blind because I haven't really seen it!) And for the record, I'm pretty sure I could list more than six weird things about me.

Each player of this game starts with the 6 weird things about you. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

I am going to tag Kelli of AfricanKelli; Bekka; Rachele, and Vera. I know it's not six, and if any of you have done this or don't want to, that's fine.

1. I have an odd sensitivity to wood, like wooden spoons and wooden knitting needles. I get goosebumps (one word, two words? too lazy to look it up right now) when I have to wash or dry a wooden spoon - so I don't do it! I also don't like it when people rub their chopsticks together. I have to grit my teeth really bad.

2. I like pickles...by themselves. I won't have pickles on a burger or sandwich, but I will eat the pickle on the side after I've eaten the sandwich. Now they all end up in the same state and place, but for some reason (to me) it ruins the taste of everything else on the sandwich.

3. I come from Australia, a continent/country surrounded by water, but I don't really like the ocean. I will go into the water to my knees and that's about it.

4. I always wear socks - to bed, around the house. My feet are almost always cold.

5. I can't sleep with the t.v on and any little noise bothers me now. It won't wake me up, but I can't get to sleep unless it's really quiet which is why I use earplugs just about every night.

6. I get on these loops with food. If I feel like something I will eat a lot of it over and over again until I move on to the next thing I "feel like" eating. This drives my husband mad!

Some projects, and a birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday! It's number 29. I'm not feeling too bad about it really, although I do wonder sometimes where the time has gone. :) Last year on birthday number 28 my biological clock starting ticking...I really did think this was just a myth, but for some reason (I kid you not) I just felt like I was ready to have a baby. So my goal for next year is to make that happen. I have (kind of) been diagnosed with PCOS so it's not been smooth sailing this past year. Fingers crossed that in the coming months I will have news to announce here.

I got a couple of Christmas projects done this year. First, I finished a pair of Fetching for a work friend, but I forgot to take a picture.

Sophie Bag

Potato Chip Scarf: Excuse the photo, it is a bad self-pic. Notice my Eeyore PJs?


Yarn Dye Heaven

As promised, here is evidence of my goodies from SP9 pal, Mary.

A book, The Dyer's Companion; a sleeve of info about dyeing with Jacquard Dyes; 4 skeins of Knitpicks bare yarn; starter kit of Jacquard Dyes from Knitpicks. Yeah!

A close-up of the dyes.

Now that I'm done with exams and classes for about a month I have some time to knit and dye yarn. I'm really looking forward to it. I have a couple of Christmas gifts to knit up and then I'm going to work on socks.



Why am I so exited even though I have two major exams tomorrow (ahhh!!!)? Well there are two reasons. First, my SP9 struck again. She had to reveal herself early due to a big move - I sure know how that feels. I've made 4 huge moves in my life, two were overseas.

Anyway, so I got my package full of wonderful dye goodies, which I will post later. And on top of that I also got an internship at the Atlantic Council of the United States during my next semester at Mary Washington. Yeah for me!


You'd think it was Christmas!

On Monday, just before I was heading out the door for an appointment, I received TWO packages. One was from my Sockret Pal and one from my SP9 (it's like they're in synch with each other.)

So from my Sockret Pal:

I got SEW-U, a book from my wishlist; a book filled with cookie recipes (the one thing I do cook); the little green pouch has a stapler etc in it - very cute; a little charm to match my other one that says "I love to Sew"; glass head pins, and a needle roll for my DPNs.

A close-up of the charm.

The inside of the needle roll. The red fabric has cats and dogs on it and the inside has Japanese/Asian symbols.

Now on to my wonderful SP9 package. I am so lucky to be getting so spoilt!!

I got one skein of Trekking, which I've been hearing a lot about and want to try; two skeins of Regia sock yarn in a lovely blue colorway; and ANOTHER needle roll!!! Yeah, this will definitely come in handy.

So this week my book collection and my sock stash were both increased without me spending a penny. :)

Thank you so much SP9 and Sockret Pal. I apologize for not posting it to my blog until today, but I have exams coming up and it's a little crazy around here.