Knitted Purse Swap Questionnaire

1. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? What fibers do you absolutely *not* like? I like natural fibers - 100% wool etc. I'm not a big fan of cotton (although for a purse it might not mattern much) or boucle.

2. What do you use to store your needles/hooks in? I have two needle rolls that were gifted to me by other secret pals.

3. How long have you been knitting & how did you learn? Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced?
I have been knitting for about 4 years. I consider myself an intermediate. I can teach myself any new technique - it's just a matter of having the guts to try it. I'm still mastering socks and am planning on doing a toe-up sock soon.

4. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list?
Yes, you can search for it using my email 'beckysue33@hotmail.com'

5. What's your favorite scent? (for candles, bath products, etc.)
I like fruity scents, mango especially. I like sweatpea from Bath & Body Works too. I DO NOT LIKE cinnamon or a lot of those spice scents.

6. Do you have a sweet tooth? Favorite candy?
Yes, but I'm picky. The one thing I eat regularly is Cadbury's milk chocolate.

7. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do? Do you spin? I sew, sometimes.

8. What's your favorite color(s)? Any colors you just can't stand?
I love BLUE, orange, brown, pink...I like most colors in the right shade. I don't like pastels or really dark depressing colors - but no neon bright colors either.

9. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets?
Married, no kids, no pets.

10. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit?
I don't have a favorite item. I knit what I like at the time.

11. What are you knitting right now?
Socks and a hat.

12. Do you prefer straight or circular needles? Bamboo, aluminum, plastic?
I use both straight and circ needles. I only like aluminum needles - no bamboo/wood needles for me.

13. Is there anything that you collect?
Well I buy a lot of books, so I guess I'm a bookworm.

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Louise said...

I need your help and did not see where to post privately on the Knitted Purse Swap blogger. I have been happily knitting on the purse for my partner, my son took my laptop to upgrade and said that it may lose all my information. I forgot about the exchange information. Could you please send me the information and name of the person that I have. Thank you. Louise Turner