Spring Break Knitting

First, I didn't get that snow day I was hoping for. :) I'm on Spring Break so I have a couple of days to get some knitting in. I'm almost done with my Jaywalker socks.

I decided to knit them both at the same time, working on one part then moving to the next one. So I'm now doing the foot of the second one. It's a lot easier or seems to be going a lot faster since I know I have to knit 43 rounds. I kept track with the first one to see how many rounds it took me to get to the desired length. Also I'm not used to knitting socks so big because I have tiny feet!

I also got the yarn for the bag I'm making as part of the Knitted Purse Swap. It's going to be a relative simple knit, but it's just finding the time when school starts back up again!

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bekka said...

those look awesome. i'm so boring with knitting a plain old sock pattern. so how is that knitting them both at the same time going? i'm considering taking a class on how to do that next Saturday. knit 2 socks on 2 circular needles at the same time. it's supposed to blow your mind. can't wait for that!